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German (Deutsch) is a West Germanic language (closely related to English and Dutch) of Indo-European language family. Standard German (Standard Hochdeutsch) originated not as a traditional dialect of a specific region, but as a written language. It is based on the language Martin Luther used in his translation of the Bible (ie. the language used in Upper Saxony and Thuringia in in the 16th century). German is one of the world's major languages. It is one of the official languages of the European...
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Lindau, Germany
Welcome! Lindau, an international trading town with a historical center, is situated in Southern Germany on Lake Constance and close to the Alps. The town is situated on an island and is a prime destination...
Berlin, Germany
The GLS language school is a green oasis in the very center of Berlin: It is the only language school in Germany with a park-like campus, including 2 hotels and a swimming pool under monument protection. ...
Language school in Germany
German in Germany
F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg
The Academy of Languages, the centrepiece of the F+U group, is one of the largest language schools and test centres for foreign languages...
Language school in Germany
German in Germany
F+U Academy of Languages Berlin
The F+U Group of Companies is one of the largest private education providers in Germany. It has centres throughout the Federal Republic...