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Diploma Avanzato di Lingua Italiana Commerciale "Firenze"®AIL (DALC)

DALC - C1 Diploma Avanzato di Lingua Italiana Comerciale C1 is the business Diploma of the Italian Language "FIRENZE"® AIL, advance level.

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Diploma Avanzato di Lingua Italiana Comerciale DALC - C1

  • Suggested preparation time: 500-550 hours including 80 hours of business Italian
  • Duration of exam: 235 minutes
  • Exam is offered twice a year
  • Ability level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) assessment scale: C1

By passing this exam, the candidate has shown the ability to communicate in any situation requiring a strong knowledge of business Italian; correspondence, public relations, specialized literature, secretarial work, business meetings, etc…

More information: http://www.acad.it/en/dalc.html

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