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Language schools in Basque Country:

Instituto Hemingway
Destination: Bilbao
Courses: year round and summer adult and junior, exam preparation, executive.
We offer Spanish courses in Bilbao, paid jobs throughout Spain, internships and volunteer placements. You can join us any time.  We include didactic...... [more]

Other cities

San Sebastian

Basque Country, Spain

The Basque Country is an autonomous community situated in the north of Spain, on the Cantabrian coast and alongside the French border.
Its mysterious origins, its completely autoctonous culture, including a language of its own (Euskera) which bears no relation to Castilian Spanish or indeed any other language in the world, its autotoctonous folklore and its particular sports like the so-called Basqueball ("pelota vasca") sets the Basque Country apart from the rest of Spain and Europe. Genuine Basques are regarded by anthropologists as the last surviving representatives of the aboriginal tribes which once populated Europe.

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