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Language schools in Denmark:

Lærdansk Aarhus
Destination: Aarhus
Lærdansk Aarhus is part of Denmark’s largest network of language centers. We train and qualify foreigners in usage of the Danish language....
CLAVIS Sprog og Kompetence
Destination: Greve
We offer Danish courses and consultant services within: Danish language teaching for immigrants and refugees,  Work related Danish courses for businesses,......
Københavns Sprogcenter
Destination: København
Københavns Sprogcenter is one of Copenhagen’s largest schools for learning Danish. We offer Danish on all levels during the day and in the evenings. We......

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Aarhus, Copenhagen, Greve Strand, Roskilde


Denmark, Europe's oldest kingdom and the smallest of the Nordic countries, is a country where history and modernity go together. The remains of Vikings' settlements, who once conquered half of Europe and historic castles are adjacent to bustling, modern cities and high-speed highways. Danes, above all, appreciate the friendly and warm, familiar atmosphere.
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