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Language schools in Latvia:

Education Centre Durbe
Destination: Ryga
Education Centre Durbe has a great offer of Russian language courses for all needs and interests. Year-round group courses. Five levels.  Challenging courses.......
"Learn Russian in the European Union" LatInSoft SIA
Destination: Daugavpils
Courses: year round and summer adult, exam preparation, executive.
"Learn Russian in the EU" takes advantage of the unique ethnical and cultural background of Daugavpils region in Latvia. Daugavpils, Latvia's......

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Daugavpils, Riga


Latvia, a Baltic country, is known primarily for its magnificent capital city - Riga. The Old Town of this majestic and austere city is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. But Latvia is not only its spectacular capital city - the country boasts 500 km of sandy beaches along the Baltic Sea, modern ports, fantastic seaside resorts, old fishing villages and historic towns of Kurzeme region. Latvian endless forests are home to wildlife such as bears, wolves and lynx. The country can also offer delightful castles, nature reserves and lush green valleys, where numerous old legends and Baltic myths are still alive.

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telc Русский язык
The European Language Certificates Русский язык
telc Русский язык exams, developed and administered by the WBT GmbH, test general Russian language competence at levels A1 – B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). telc...
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