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English is a West Germanic language, of Indo-European family of languages, that originated from the Anglo-Frisian and Old Saxon dialects brought to Britain by Germanic settlers. Modern English, which includes the works of William Shakespeare and the King James Bible, is generally dated from about 1550. As a result of military, economic, scientific, political and cultural domination of Great Britain in the 18th, 19th and early 20th century and the United States of America since the mid-20th century, English has been widely dispersed around the world and has become a lingua franca of the modern era. English is used as a native language in 53 countries. It is an official languages of the United Nations, European Union, Commonwealth of Nations, NATO and many other international organisations, including the International Olympic Committee. 309-400 million people are native speakers of English. 1.2 - 1.6 billion people speak English as a foreign language to at least a basic level Since a working knowledge of English is required in a number of fields, occupations and professions such as medicine and computing, the English is currently the first-most taught foreign language. English as native language is used in: -The countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia (Australian English), Bahamas, Barbados, Belize (known as: Belizean Kriol), Bermuda, Canada (Canadian English), Grenada, Guyana, Ireland (Irish English), Jamaica (Jamaican Angielski), Nauru, New Zealand (New Zealand English), Saint Kits and Newis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States of America; -The British dependent territories : Anguilla, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Pitcarian, Saint Helena, Georgia and the South Sandwich Południwa; Turks and Caicos, the island of Guernsey (the Chanel Island Angielski), Jersey and Man (Manx English); - The dependent territories of the United States: Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands English as official language is used in: - The countries: Botswana, Cameroon, Dominica, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Philippines (Philippine English variety), Gambia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malta, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, South Africa (as one of 11 official languages, so called - South African English), Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, the Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Zambia, Zimbabwe. - The dependent territories of Australia (Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands); - The dependent territories of the United States: (Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa) - In the former British colony of Hong Kong and the Netherlands Antilles. English is not an official language of Israel, but is taken as a required second language at all schools and therefore widely spoken.

The language is spoken in the following countries: Australia, Canada, Dominica, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Jamaica, Malta, Mauritius, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Jersey, Sint Maarten

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